Bohemian Handwoven Wool size 150 cm. X 102 cm. Kilim Rug


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Bohemian handwoven wool size 150 cm. X 102 cm. Kilim Rug


1 in stock


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Size: 150 cm. X 102 cm. Bohemian tribal wool kilim rug

This is such a great beautiful colourful  tribal bohemian  wool  kilim rug

nice geometric repeated patterns with such a lovely muted herbal dyes

hand knotted by local bohemian carpet weavers

We believe in fair trade

We have continuously supported all family carpet makers whom we know  for last 30 years and we are committed to support them while we trade quality hand-knotted Persian rugs

With every sold rug, we will support another rug to be made and get to the market and we are proud to be a part of this  chain  for last 30 years

Your support is highly appreciated

check the photos of the back of the carpet to see the density of knots

all natural and herbal dyes with very fine natural wool

suitable for your home or office and any hallway

Medium and soft  piles of fine wool

All sizes patterns and colors rugs and runners available, please check your desired size and send us an inquiry, we will go through our warehouses to find the closest to your request


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